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Originally Posted by al2637 View Post
but it threw up a red warning screen. (which incidentally didn't disappear... did I break the machine?)
The machine did its correct action, it saw a card type it doesn't recognize and it typically puts up an I can't read this card type error.

Colm and I have the unique ability to break the smartcard functionality on the ticket machines (it does require money...) . The equipment vendor rewrote part of the software to ensure the machine could recover. The trigger was akin to an Oceans 13 style slot machine routine a very weird sequence of steps which to our knowledge no passenger has been able to recreate.

We expect that Irish Rail will have leap card top up, leap card top up collection and leap card sales from its machines sometime in February. The RUI test group are likely to be in the know as to where the trial machines are.

A hidden feature on Irish Rail's system is that you can collect a top up made online by simply placing the card in the ticket machines cradle. With that in place, very few people noticed the fact online top up was not instantaneous as any attempt to check a cards balance was preceded by application of any outstanding top-ups.

Luas in comparison will be some months before it can issue leap cards and do top-up collection from a ticket machine as neither feature was provided before on the Luas system

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