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The 41 extra was the fastest solution as Irish Rail could have leveraged the existing contracts to buy more from Rotem, but the window on this was quite tight. The ICR is a known quantity so it would be a quick build to service time and all the paperwork with the CRR could be avoided.

The Hybrid thing is making progress quickly, we have spotted Irish Rail management on the walk around at the Innotrans in Berlin and know they are very interested in the offering of a specific company. We ain't fans a straight electric option is better, cheaper and we could have Maynooth Connolly wired up several years before any train would be here.

The 2700 fleet, well to get all the information IE want several hundred euro for an FOI so there is something afoot, a train dumped in a shed doesn't generate paperwork so there clearly is a lot of work gone on in the background.
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