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Default Why are commuter fares in Galway so expensive?

The fare for the 11km journey from Oranmore to Galway is €6, which seems exceedingly bad value.

Similar distances are:-
  • Portmarnock-Connolly (€2.50 Leap/€3.30 Cash)
  • Dún Laoghaire-Tara St (€2.50 Leap/€3.30 Cash)
  • Clondalkin/Fonthill-Heuston(€2.50 Leap/€3.30 Cash)
  • Glounethaune-Cork (€2.34 Leap/€3 Cash).

Athenry-Galway is 25km and €8.20

Similar distances are:-
  • Cork-Midleton (€4.50 Leap/€5.90 Cash) - actually 3km shorter but there's no better comparable station around Cork
  • Rush & Lusk-Connolly (€3 Leap/€3.85 Cash)
  • Greystones-Sydney Parade (€3.72 Leap/€4.75 Cash)

These seem like major discrepancies, even taking the non-availability of Leap into account.
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