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Alan French
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I would actually say the closure is not really a matter of profit and loss. Comparing income and revenue for one part of the system is misleading, because it doesn't take into account the inter-dependence of all parts of the rail network.

If IR were really commercially competent, they would run a more frequent service on the whole corridor from Rosslare to Galway, so that each part would contribute connecting passengers to the radial lines from Dublin. That could well cover the fixed costs associated with running these lines.

It is sad to see that in 2010 there are still people who will quote income and revenue figures for separate parts of the system, and fool some people into thinking that taxpayers' money is being saved by the closure. This is deceptive, and should really be called fraudulent accounting.

Here's a thought. If an independent company gets to run the line, they will presumably run trains to suit connections with IR trains at Waterford (for both lines). IR will benefit, whether they like it or not!
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