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If there is a decent and frequent timetable, proper connections to the rest of the network then people will use the line. Just because there are motorways that does not mean that everyone will dersert the railways. If however, there is a sparse timetable, trains that run at times that are not convenient for the traveller and poor conections then that sort of thing will drive passengers to their cars. We must not give up on this line or the railways in general. If they are Properly run and managed thet will prove their worth. These lines survived the 1970's and 80's when railways were not in vogue and were unappreciated by many people. I can't believe that lines are being closed in this so called green age. No one has made any real effort to run or promote this line properly. Not only is the line a vital part of the network but also very scenic, think tourism, think a regular steam hauled special like that run in the Highlands of Scotland. To agument the regular service. Also the amount of frieght carried on the network is an absolue discrace.
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