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Originally Posted by markpb View Post
People making short journeys (i.e. Dart passengers) tend not to think about it that way. Wait time is more of a consideration than journey time, especially for ad-hoc passengers.
the vast majority of Dart users are not ad-hoc passengers though, they're regular commuters and they'll notice the difference. I also suspect there's a disproportionate number of commuters from further out (e.g. DunL to Greystones on the southside) who will all have an extra 10 minutes added onto their days. For some commuters this may be cancelled out by being able to get a later service than before but I doubt anyone will be spending less time travelling overall.

Also - is this actually adding any capacity, I don't think there are any Darts sets lying around idle during the rush hour so it'll be the same number of carriages in service just split into more trains, yeah?
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