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Unread 23-11-2016, 18:58   #41
Really Really Regluar Poster
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The Ballybrophy/Limerick line is afficted by level crossings, particularly between Birdhill and Killonan. There are a very large number of accommodation crossings as well but oddly enough they seem to have more of an impact on this line than any other line. For instance there are plenty of accommodation crossings between Limerick and Limerick Junction as well and although the general speed limit on this line has been reduced from 80 to 60 mph it is still well above the 30/40 mph deemed necessary on long lengths of upgraded track on the Nenagh line.
The whole accommodation crossings treatment on the notwork is completely different. Between Cherryville-Carlow they have a 100 mph sign out for a short section before dropping an 80 mph to pass a crossings before another 100 mph. It's ridiculous on two fronts, one been signs are located so close to crossings and two I don't think a few miles less will change the outcome of any potential incident.

One section is 80 (1/4 mile), 100 (1 1/4 mile), 80 (1/2 mile), 100 (1 1/2 mile), 80 (1/2 mile), 100 (3/4 mile). That is over around 6 miles.....there is one section of about 5 miles (no crossing) and you can do 100, that's about the only time most drivers even bother.

It will never be possible to get rid of such crossings so are we going be left with a network capped at max of 80 on all routes (outside Cork, no such crossings) because of such crossings.

I get the safety aspect but surly procedure review with owners could minimize risks of higher speeds for the most part.
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Unread 09-12-2016, 11:42   #42
Thomas J Stamp
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Originally Posted by Eddie View Post
Why is it not possible to book Dublin to Limerick via this line? I know it's slower and requires a change, but there are plenty of other examples where longer journey times via non-direct routes are offered eg Dublin to Waterford via Limerick Junction or Dublin to Ennis via Athenry. Looks like there are 2 daily trains from Dublin that connect at Ballybrophy.

You can only book Dublin to Castleconnell (the last stop before Limerick), so presumably you'd need to pay extra on board to go to Limerick.

When visiting towns across Ireland it's more interesting to go a different route in each direction if you have the time.

Even assuming only a small take up, it should reduce the reported per passenger sudsidy quite a bit.
that would be a very small demographic to build an economic case for keeping the line - and make no mistake, it is a beatiful line to travel on, if only it would allow you to go on times which make sense to the public and not the drivers schedule.

Just remember that the 630 ex limerick splits in two at nenagh, one car trundles along to Ballybrophy to arrive at around twenty to nine (one crew) the other (with another crew) trundles back to limerick to get in at 8.45 - a time which is perfectly useless to many people as Colbert station is not exactly in the city centre for commuters - not that this matters one jot because the return train leaves before 5pm!!!!

it is a terrible joke of a timetable - one which is made for the convinence of Irish Rail not you and I.

What do the crew from that 8.40 arrival do in Ballybrophy for the hour and a half the train sits around waiting for the passengers coming off the Dublin train at 10.05? Are there beds in the station for them?

the evening train leaves colbert at five to five to connect with the 6pm ex Heuston - no other reason. I've done that connection. Myself and usually three others. So, how many potential customers are they ignoring by having that train leave at 530 instead for example and going for the 7pm ex Heuston instead (or, shock horror, ignoring the bloody connection altogether?)

We have long believed at this line exists solely to be closed - it is the classic low hanging fruit scenario. Given that we have presented the alternative running (as outlined in a previous post of mine above) to IE and the DoT which would actually bring passengers (maybe not many but more than there is now) onto the line and nothing has happened you can make your own conclusions.
We are the passengers
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Unread 22-12-2016, 23:23   #43
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A few weeks ago (just after my last post on this thread in fact) I did a Dublin to Ennis (via Athenry) to Dublin (via Limerick Junction) loop because the booking engine allowed me to. I would have preferred to have come back via the Nenagh line, but the booking engine did not allow this, because presumably it assumed my travel motivation was speed. It wasn't.

The WRC was busier than I expected - I accept they were only 2 carriage trains, but some were full. I would be very surprised if they closed this line.

You do get the feeling that some lines are being driven into the ground (like the Nenagh line) and pulling back Rosslare Europort station away from the port, yet ironically the port is owned by CIE (and it's not the most inspiring of ports).

There's nothing wrong with charging less for a longer service, like Dublin to Limerick via Nenagh - some people will want to use it because of the price, and some people will want to use it because they want to use the line. But if you don't offer it, no-one can use it.

There's something to be said for a bit of private sector involvement here to innovate.

It is a shame your attempts to share ways to improve the Nenagh line fell on deaf ears. They probably hadn't paid you enough to value your suggestions.
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Unread 04-01-2017, 15:40   #44
Thomas J Stamp
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i have heard a rumour of an odd event on the nenagh line this morning - that the train to brophy was severely overcrowded (and that 80 got on at cloughjordan...)

apparently the 16.55 ex limerick will be a 3car ICR to cater for the return.

this is all lovely, if true, but you need more than a one off stunt to get things going.
We are the passengers
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Unread 05-01-2017, 09:40   #45
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Or at least you need to time your stunt to coincide with the rail census...
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Unread 17-05-2017, 18:07   #46
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I noticed the price has gone up since the new Irish rail website was rolled out.
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Unread 09-10-2017, 00:06   #47
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Nenagh railway station has been added as a GoCar (rental) location.
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