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Unread 23-07-2008, 13:40   #1
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Default Something Good To Say...

There is a lot of threads posted ion here complaining about the service from Irish Rail, and in many ways fully justified.

However, I just though I'd let you know of the complete and utter shock of the past few weeks.

Number one was, after mailing them complaining about a train being cancelled and the next one being late, I got a reply the next day apologising and explaining why it happened.

The second, and this is the one that has me walking around today, as if I have won the lottery, a 50 fine was struck out after I appealed it via an email.

This is how it happened: I had the ticket, it was checked on the train and through my own stupidity left it on the train when getting off. Got fined, sent them a mail explaining the circumstance, and they got back to me, one day short of when I was due to pay, to tell me that they would be throwing out the fine after investigating my story.

A big thumbs up to the TTC Brendan on the Gorey Train, he confirmed that I had indeed had a ticket, although how he remembered I don't know. Fair play.

Despite the fact that I didn't think there was a better nature to appeal to with Irish Rail, I found out that there is people who stood out head and shoulders on this occasion.

Just thought I'd pass that on. It's my first little pleasent experience dealing with IR. Not quite sure how to handle it as it is a completely new one for me.
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Unread 23-07-2008, 13:54   #2
Mark Gleeson
Technical Officer
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In the case of a cancellation or delay an explanation is something you shouldn't have to seek it should be provided clearly at effected stations the following day and online, in your case you qualify for a refund.

There are decent people out there, but they are not in the majority. Rosslare line has the benefit of being a self contained operation, same staff same trains nearly every day.

When put on the spot Irish Rail can be most interesting, I won my case on appeal last week (refund not penalty notice). When a fine exists or legal action they tend to be a lot more professional and efficient. In theory if no ticket barrier exists you don't have to have the ticket with you once you have disembarked

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Unread 23-07-2008, 13:59   #3
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Location: Wicklow Town
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Fact was, I did have a ticket, and getting fined was a pain. I never expected to have it successfully appealed.

They did say 'I am prepared,on this occasion to negate the fixed payment' despite confirming I did have a ticket.

So in essence, they were going out of there way not too charge me extra money for something I already paid for.

Still, a win is a win is a win. Which is rare. And Beautiful.
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Unread 23-07-2008, 22:18   #4
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I can also report a favourable experience when dealing with the Revenue Protection arm of IrishRail. One Saturday, I boarded the 1231 train at Kilcoole to travel to Wicklow with a view to walking back along the coast to Kilcoole. Unfortunately, I left my wallet containing cash and ID in my car at Kilcoole. As there are no facilities for purchasing tickets at Kilcoole, I only discovered my error after boarding the train.

As fate would have it, that was a day that Revenue Protection were on board. When I explained the circumstances to the officer on the train, he asked me to send the correct fare to a named individual in Revenue Protection together with a letter explaining the circumstances. He advised me that a determination would then be made as to whether I was liable for a penalty fare. After I did this, I received back letter stating that on the basis of the information supplied by me and corroborated by the officer on the train, I would not be required to pay the penalty fare on this occasion.

I was most impressed with the reasonable manner in which the matter was handled both by the officer on the train and by Revenue Protection. There are indeed some decent folks out there!
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