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Unread 14-10-2006, 10:51   #1
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Angry How easy is that

I'm not usually one to complain on these boards, mainly because most of my gripes are already aired by others and there isn't really much I can add to them. Since I know IÉ read these pages, hopefully this will get sorted out soon.

  • "How easy is that" is a stupid marketing slogan that's been appearing on irishrail.ie posters around the place.
[rant mode on]

Today, I want to go from Seapoint to Pearse on that Dart, and I want to check when the next one is using th Real Tim info yoke on dart.ie. Here we go:

Name:  howeasyisthat1.jpg
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Size:  130.1 KB

So I go to press the station button to press Seapoint....oh wait it's not working. Not to worry, since IÉ in their infinate wisdom have about 8 million sites, I'll just drop over to irishrail.ie...

Name:  howeasyisthat2.jpg
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Size:  119.9 KB

Great, I can chose my station here, now to press enter....

Name:  howeasyisthat4.jpg
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Size:  78.1 KB

What's this?! A THIRD real time info page?! This is getting a bit tiring, but I really have to get into town soon, so one last go. Put in Seapoint, press enter....

Name:  howeasyisthat3.jpg
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Size:  81.6 KB

This looks familiar....hmmmm.....

So why...
  • is there 3 different pages doing the same thing?
  • are none of them working?
  • does IÉ tell me that this is easy?

Now obviously this is all rhetorical, but my little brother (16) could run management courses for this group of <edit>people</edit> and they'd improve a tremendous amount. This thing has been broken for a while now, and yet it's still up. WHY WHY WHY??? I hope you are thanking your lucky stars that you're employed in the public service because anywhere else, and you'd be selling the Big Issue for a living.

The above isn't particularly easy, in fact, it's pretty <edit>removed</edit> annoying so don't patronise with your fancy spin when you couldn't run a <edit>drinking session</edit> in brewery.

[/rant over,excuse my french, and apologises to any vendors of the big issue who have been offended by the fact that I think IE management should join their ranks]

Language edited. - Admin

Last edited by PaulM : 14-10-2006 at 16:22.
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Unread 14-10-2006, 16:26   #2
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This thread has been edited by me. I do not want to see language like that on our board again.
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