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Unread 25-12-2013, 22:52   #1
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Default More Online fare changes

Was just logging on to book some tickets for this week and there seems to be more online fare increases/decreases.

9.99 fares are available on all routes, off peak while peak services have had some rises to the higher fares.

I am most annoyed that Waterford has being affect the most and is now the second most expensive route to use on the network at peak times and there is next to no cheap fares offered like all other routes.

Have just taken a quick example:
Fridays - to Waterford
7.25 - 9.99
all other services 15.99 (10.15 service increased)

Fridays - to Galway
9.25, 19.35 9.99 all other services 14.99 (reduction)

Fridays - to Cork/Limerick
up to 12.00 fares 9.99 and 21.00

Sunday - from Waterford
All services increased from 9.99 to 15.99
(taking advantage of the poor timetable)

Sunday - from Galway
1 9.99 others 14.99 (some reductions)

There is lots of others but the main is most routes see reductions or prices stay the same while Waterford see's the biggest increases. In a few works no cheap fares to Waterford Friday, Saturday or Sundays unless you can travel at very poor times while the same times on other routes have fares reduced from 21.99 to 14.99.

So passengers on possibly the shortest route are paying more than those on longer routes while seeing major cuts in capacity so IE want to cut demand to cut train size on this route but don't on the others!

May well rethink my travel plans for 2014 see as I'm expected to pay almost 32 euro to book online and the walk up fare is 39, then add the 2 or 3 euro fee and online booking is worthless while the savings are almost triple online for Galway passengers.

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