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Unread 03-01-2006, 21:45   #1
Donal Quinn
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Default Roll-up Roll-up the IE platform lottery

ahh good old IE was back in force yesterday - was waiting for the 13:19 galway-heuston in athenry. around 50 others with me including people with buggys. train approached the station as usual and then as it enters the station it switches over to the opposite platform. no warning, no announcement, not even a mention of it from the chap i bought the ticket from 3 mins earlier - and worse there was no need - there was no passing train!!

so we all clambered over the footbridge and boarded. I was one of the first over and met the ticket inspector on my way on

ME - you could have told us what platform the train was coming in on - there's people with buggys trying to cross now
TI - ahh that's nothing to do with me - not my job (words to that effect)
ME - well it's somebodies job
TI - well the guy in the station probably didn't know either - it's all controlled from dublin

i know it's a normal little story but it's so pathetic - is the signalling that bad that the station master can't tell what platform the train is going to arrive at? or is he just to lazy - either way it's unacceptable - it would take someone in a wheelchair more than 10 mins to get around to the other platform - another accessability violation from IE??
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Unread 03-01-2006, 22:23   #2
Mark Gleeson
Technical Officer
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The system is automatic but it is pre programmed to behave in a certain fashion so trains always use the defined main platform if no other train is present

While its not possible for the staff in Athenry to know with 100% certainty which platform will be used any deviation from the pubished timetable should be notified by phone. A simple phone call to Connolly would reveal all

Provided both platforms are accessible the issue of how to get from platform 1 to platform 2 is not the main issue per say its the swapping of platforms

The staff attitude you experienced is not on
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Unread 09-01-2006, 01:08   #3
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This kind of lark is exactly what IE are famed for. The right hand not knowing what the left is doing.

I pity the people with pushchairs and wheelchairs. They should have lifts across all platforms or some other means for people to cross the railway safely. Something like the lift in Portarlington should be standard in this day and age at all stations. For the elderly also.

As for the attitude of the staff - well Thats what a job for life in a state company will do to a person. The "I dont give a rats" attitude is famed throughout the country in IE. "Excuse mr conductor type person, there's a man smoking in between the carriages there" "Ah sure we're almost in Sligo now"............

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