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Unread 05-03-2007, 10:46   #1
Thomas J Stamp
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Default First Impressions of a train journey

Mate of mine went up from Templemore on Saturday on the 11.50 to Dublin Mrk 4. Never been on a train before. Really liked it, found the seats very comfy and that. However he had a real problem walking to the jax as he kept falling over due to the movement of the carriage. He described it as like a boat in a storm. I decided to do a little personal test. I walked the entire length of the train. 18 times i had to grasp the handle on the seats as i walked. I never have to do it on a mrk3.

Also, mate said there was no way he was leaving our carriage. He was in a backwards seat and he looked sort of panicky when i sugegsted he walk the train with me. I looked behind me and understood. The amount of movement between the carriages was unreal, and if you weren't used to it, you'd swear the one behind was about to tear itself off.

Incidentally, most stable carriage was the catering car, we arrived 15 Min's early to Dublin and i had to explain why we were so slow through Portarlington and had to wait for 5 Min's at the core.

On the way back, he was more relaxed with the mrk 3 to Limerick as it didn't look like it was about to sink, and he thought it was a faster train altogether, not happy about a cameo by Dick Turpin behind the Snack Car Cash Register though.
We are the passengers
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Unread 05-03-2007, 10:59   #2
Mark Gleeson
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The ride issue is under investigation. We have acquired some lab gear, we are going scientific on this one

Ride tends to be ok in the dinning car and first class, its horrible in coach G

Mk3 does feel faster, note feel since the suspension might be smooth but its not perfect. Mk4 doesn't feel fast since it lacks the cues for speed, mainly the noise. On a TGV you barely feel the speed, it requires a map to prove you did 170mph
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Unread 05-03-2007, 22:12   #3
Derek Wheeler
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Originally Posted by Mark Gleeson View Post
The ride issue is under investigation. We have acquired some lab gear, we are going scientific on this one
For the benefit of non technical readers, what Mark is saying is, P11 will be conducting specific tests (scientifically) of ride quality between MK4 and MK. These tests will be featured on the forthcoming P11 TV.
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Unread 06-03-2007, 06:46   #4
Navan Junction
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On holidays last week, whilst on an Italian Eurostar on the Rome - Milano line, my wife's coffee took off from the table and went everywhere.

I was a bit surprised by that, and found the ride fairly jumpy when walking along too.

We were sitting in the last 3 seats in carriage 12 with only the power car ahead of us (or whatever you call it) (and the restaurant car about 10 cars away).

Now I suppose we were going a hell of a lot faster than the MK4's will ever go in this country, but as a matter of interest, what is acceptable (or reasonable) ride quality?

PS - It was much bumpier on the Italian Eurostar than I remember the TGV being a few years ago...

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Unread 06-03-2007, 14:04   #5
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I think the ride's improving on the CDE though. It's quite variable depending on which coach and which set you're travelling in.

It's important to keep pointing it out though as IE need to get these right while they're still under warrenty.

As for the Italian Eurostars, they're completely unreleated to the original Eurostar, which is a TGV.

They're are largely Fiat tilting trains, similar to the ones used by Virgin in the UK.
Some are also non-tilting high speed trains and there are some Alstom Tilting trains in the mix too.

The Eurostar that operates under the channel is a French TGV with minor tweaks to allow it to operate over legacy British tracks. (Less of an issue now with the Channel Tunnel High speed rail link which is built to French TGV standards)

However, if your coffee was being flung of the table, there's a possibility that you were on a tilting train that didn't tilt properly!
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