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Unread 12-03-2007, 22:44   #1
Colm Donoghue
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Thumbs down quality advice from those fine buckos in IE.

This morning, I was delayed by more than 20 minutes on a train to rosslare that said it was going to Dundalk.

This evening, I luckily decided to get the 19:15 train from Pearse.
I think the 18:15 service left at 19:13, it was a SIX car 2600 train.

THe on platform display said the second train was gonna be to DRogheds in 2 minutes( at 19:13 + 2 mins should be uncrowded and on time)
I left the crushed and delayed trian leave.
next train oulls in ... for Maynooth or out that way anyway.
I asked the IE guy on the platform what the craic was with them saying one thing and the different train showing up. he directed me to the station masters office.
who tried to fob me off with a sher the next train is goin that way. I rahter forcefully pointed out the written display said the last train was advertised to go to drogheda. This point was corroberated by the guy I met on the platform 1 side.
They told me the next train was definitely going to Drogheda. I went back across the station to see a DART pulling in.
I became nearly incandesant then and went back over to vent my fury and ask them why I was lied to. calmed down as I waas going back over as I presume they couldn't help it with the sh1te information they were getting thwmselves but decided to mention the auld low hanging mirror for the craic instead.
calmed down, I got my train home to arricve into Rush and Lusk at 8pm or nine minutes late.

where's john "fn Mercedes" Lynch when the fan gets hit i ask ya.

a public transport cahirman in a zil. says it all.

I havn't been this pissed off since I was delayed 2.75 hours on a round trip from Arklow to Dublin in '98
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Unread 12-03-2007, 23:34   #2
Derek Wheeler
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Feckin hell man. That is utter crap. I was thinking of a post of the week thread. You're it. That is shocking.
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Unread 13-03-2007, 08:32   #3
Colm Donoghue
Really Regular Poster
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I was talking to a lad from Cork, living in Skerries. I think he got on the 18:15 and was on it for 25 minutes before they said it was going nowhere and to get off.

We started talking when there was a dart to Howth stopped at the platform and the announcement came in that the "Next train arriving at platform1" was going to Howth. so we said the train there now or the next train to arrive there.

He also said the 7:20 in skerries does not always stop there. this is the 6:35 from Dundalk. This didn't stop in skerries last few years.

I can't vouch for this completely but it'd be worth trying to verify.
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Unread 13-03-2007, 21:09   #4
Colm Moore
Local Liaison Officer
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I once showed up in Tara Street two minutes before last train (as shown on screen) only to hear the train rumble past overhead. They refunded my ticket.
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Unread 14-03-2007, 08:34   #5
Colm Donoghue
Really Regular Poster
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same sh1tDifferent day.

Got to Pearse at 1902.
Announcer said about 20 min delays.
got the 17:37 to Maynooth as far as Tara where I got off and got a bus to Whitehall instead

So I'm going to ask IE for the stats saying 75% of trains ran late on Mon and Tuesday this week.

Also according to the IE website the trains were delayed due to something happening at Merrion Gates. This must have had far reaching implications to cause "Technical trouble" to the 18:15 to Drogheda that stayed stuck in Pearse for almost half an hour....

Maybe we could get Al Franken to write a sequel to his bestselling "Lies and the Lying Liars who tell them" for P11....
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Unread 14-03-2007, 09:16   #6
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The trouble at Merrion Gates also caused the 2010 from Pearse to Drogheda to be cancelled.

The 2025 was then made to stop at Portmarnock, Malahide, Donabte, R&L because of this.

There was, however, no way to know this because there was nobody on Pearse platfrom 1, as the train was in position 2 untill five minutes before it left, we couldn't see the destinations. All we got was that it had been cancelled and Iarnrod Eireann apologise for the delay.

Once the preceding train left, we got the destinations on the board, including the above mentioned stops but then the audio announcement left them out, leaving us all very confused.

Then when the train got to Connolly, we were told we would be delayed because of the earlier difficulties at Merrion Gates.

I think that the sooner 75% of the IE staff are laid off, and the entire system is automated, the better
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