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Increase In Parking Charges At Train Stations Condemned

December 6th 2011

Rail Users Ireland (RUI) today condemns Irish Rail's extortionate 50% increase in parking charges at stations nationwide.

Rail Users Ireland again reconfirms its position that parking at rail stations should be free of charge, unless a local shuttle bus or a physical security presence is provided at the car park.

The increase from 2 euro to 3 euro a day represents a 50% increase.

It is clear that Irish Rail have made no effort to provide a proper integrated transport service.

  • No effort to restrict train station car parks to rail passengers only;
  • No integrated parking + travel tickets. Luas has offered such tickets since launch;
  • No on-site security;
  • No alternatives such as shuttle buses.

RUI spokesperson Mark Gleeson said "Announcing the change on budget day is a clear attempt to bury the news from the public view. The timing is completely inappropriate in the run up to Christmas where leaving the car behind and using the train should be encouraged."

While Irish Rail claim passengers can avail of lower costs options through a "park by text" system, Irish Rail make no reference of the fact the park by text option is littered with hidden charges ranging from a 30 cent to 1 euro per transaction 'convenience charges and of course the user must pay for the price of sending the text as well. A monthly ticket is cheaper when paid with cash due to charges of "park by text" service.

This increase is yet another example of the disconnection between Irish Rail and the passenger. Commuters are voting with their cars and parking elsewhere or simply no longer using the train due to the combination of parking charges, excessive fares and poor rail services.

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