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Launch Of A Manifesto For Rail Passengers

February 22nd 2011

Today Rail Users Ireland launches a manifesto for Rail Passengers upon which we will judge the performance of both the next government and the opposition, whoever they may be.

Due to the failures of past governments to properly manage, fund and most of all to call to account the management of state funded transport bodies we are left with a substandard under-performing public transport service

The initiatives proposed in this manifesto range from improving security on public transport to eliminating fraud, but at all times seeking a more streamlined, more passenger focused rail service where service and accountability are the core values.

Despite a decade of prosperity, soaring passenger numbers and limitless sums spent on both new trains and infrastructure we are left with a rail service which is considered substandard, slow, overpriced and lacking in focus on customer service. This is shocking given approximately 2 billion euro invested in Irish Rail alone over the past 10 years.

An efficient public transport system provides access to employment, education, shopping, recreation and health care. It is an enabler of economic growth and development. With the price of oil continuing to rise, public transport services and in particular rail based transport offers the most efficient and sustainable transport means.

In these difficult economic times, we are aware that any organisation making demands of the public purse is not likely to get a favourable reception. However, looking through the list of issues we present below, it is clear that we are not looking for money to be thrown at the problem - indeed, that was the tactic deployed over the last ten years to little effect. Instead, what this document is focused on are the simple things, based around the principle that that Irish Rail needs to put aside the petty bickering between government, management and unions, and re-orientate itself around the people that are supposed to be at the centre of it all: the passengers.

The manifesto is available to download

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