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Thomas J Stamp 21-01-2011 13:01

This is our Electiion 2011 Forum. When starting a thread please indicate what party you are referencing in the thread title so it makes it easy at a glance for viewers to index away.


"[Labour] Luas line to xxxx will go ahead under our plans"

We noted that the 2007 forum had plenty of views from the policital parties and the media so please vent your points away as it will be noticed.

Now, if any spokespersons from any party or any candidate in the election wish to do so, they can also register and start threads too, so long as they are up front about it. Please note that anyone who is posting from what is obviously the press rooms of any party will be identified as such by your loving admins if they fail to do so fairly sharpish themsleves.

Thats about it, rules wise.

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