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Eddie 09-03-2014 21:44

Poor Signage at Dart Stations
Having been asked a couple of times by tourists recently which platform was the one for trains into Dublin, I decided to have a look around at couple of local Dart stations to see why it was necessary to ask - you'd think there'd be plenty of informative signs at Dart stations.

In fact, it's impossible to believe how poor the signage is. The best you get is a direction to "Platform 1" or "Platform 2".

There is nothing to say which platform is for Northbound or Southbound trains. There is no signage to say which is the platform to go to for trains towards town. And the digital displays could be enhanced by adding "via City Centre" for northbound trains on stations south of the Liffey and southbound trains at stations north of Liffey.

Is the reason just to get visitors talking to the locals?

Thomas Ralph 12-03-2014 09:40

Yep "all stations to Howth" is not really informative for someone at Sandycove and Glasthule who hasn't the first notion where they, Howth, or Bray are.

comcor 12-03-2014 15:37

Would fixed signage present a possible problem for flexibility?

Not that we generally see it, but there must be occasions such as track closures where it would be helpful to use a non-standard platform.

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