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KSW 20-09-2007 22:06

Gorey Train Services
Can i ask if a train left Gorey at 06.20 and arrived at Connolly at 08.00 would i be correct in saying that it would complete the journey. The current 06.00 Gorey Sligo service has to far to many spare minutes or padding......

paddyb180285 21-09-2007 09:14

It has to stop in Blackrock as it is an interchange for buses to Sandyford Industrial Estate as many people from the Arklow/Gorey region may work there.Sure,If it has that many spare minutes,it can afford to stop in Dalkey also.I know you are trying to encourage a faster train ride.

ACustomer 21-09-2007 09:32

Keith/Gorey: there may be padding in the existing timetable, but your proposed times are not feasible. Gorey-Arklow is 10.5 miles, cannot be done in 9 minutes given acceleration, braking and 70mph max. Similarly 9 mins for Rathdrum-Wicklow (9.5 miles) is not doable, and 9 mins for 8.5 miles from Wicklow to Kilcoole is hardly possible, given the tight curve and slow start out of Wicklow.

Also you seem to have overlooked Grand Canal Dock, which would be a necessary stop for a Gorey train.

Now padding on the Rosslare route South of Gorey is another matter....

paddyb180285 21-09-2007 10:18

What is the meaning of that phrase padding?

Mark Gleeson 21-09-2007 10:55


Originally Posted by paddyb180285 (Post 25099)
What is the meaning of that phrase padding?

Extra minutes added in between stations to ensure a punctual service

1. Reliability is much much more important than end to end journey time

2. On paper it is possible to do Bray Connolly in about 26 minutes assuming there are no other trains running and absolute full priority is granted at the level crossings, to do it in the rush hour would see at least 3 DART services cancelled (each carrying over a 1,000 people) and would result in traffic chaos as level crossings would be closed for a considerable time.

3. General punctuality on the Rosslare line is less than great which would suggest the padding is not excessive, its only when a 29k runs the service that the times are beaten by a considerable margin which is understandable since it is a much much more powerful train better able to cope with the curves and hills

4. Signalling upgrade will save several minutes on a journey

Edward Ryan 26-09-2007 20:50

06.45 Gorey to Dundalk delayed
This mornings 06.45 Gorey to Dundalk service was delayed 33 min in Gorey. The cause was said to be signalling problems. The train sat at Gorey till some man in IE uniform arrived at the station wearing a red armband. He then got on the train and we left all most straight away.

I then noted the same man leave the train at Arklow station. Was it really signalling or more likely a fault with the train itself? If it was signalling why would the man have to travel on the train? Strange one.


Mark Gleeson 26-09-2007 21:02

If the signaling goes down and the old fashioned ETS system used on the Rosslare line is troublesome the signalmen between the two effected signal boxes agree to instigate pilot working, the man with the red armband must travel with each train, there being only one man with the armband == no risk of collision, just a pain when two train want to go the same way, he must drive back by car

Edward Ryan 26-09-2007 21:13

Thank you Mark. I just could not figure out what was going on.


John J 18-10-2007 21:05


Originally Posted by Keith/Gorey (Post 25095)
ITS NO WONDER 97% Commuter trains arrived on time..

Keith apparantly "On time" is defined by IE as being "up to 10 minutes late".

I must be an incredibly unlucky person, as if only 3% of trains are more than ten minutes late I must be getting far more than my fair share.
But these are IE's incredibly accountable, externally audited figures - who are we to doubt them?

Tell you what - for the next 100 days, I'm going to arrive into work 10 minutes late for 97 of those days. On the other three days, I'll either be several hours late, or not show up at all.
When my boss demands an explanation, I'll offer up something about "operational difficulties" or "signal failures", making sure I mutter my words sufficiently to make them totally incomprehensible.

If it's good enough for IE, it's good enough for me.

Rushed2nowhere 01-11-2007 00:24

I saw this in this week’s edition of the Wicklow Times (a free weekly) - 31/10/07:


"Council urged to "get together with CIE to reopen Avoca Station"

Minister Dick Roche has been in contact for some time with the CIE group regarding the reopening of Avoca railway station and he has revealed that his latest contacts with the chairman of the group, Dr. John Lynch have provided, "the first tangible evidence that Coras Iompair Eireann is willing to actively reconsider its position on Avoca Station."

In correspondence to Minister Roche the Chairman of the CIE group has pointed out that in other parts of the country Iarnrod Eireann is now cooperating with councils and developers on the reopening of former stations.
"Given the very significant amount of new estates developed in Avoca, Aughrim and in other towns and villages which could provide a 'catchment area' for a commuter service from Avoca, the chairman of the CIE group has suggested that in Wicklow the same policy could be adopted as has been adopted in other counties which links development activity with the reopening of railway stations"
Welcoming Dr Lynch's letter, Minister Roche said 'This is the first time that we have had a positive indication from Iarnrod Eireann or the CIE group that it would positively consider the reopening of Avoca.I suggested to the County Council that it might become much more pro-actively involved in the project than it has done to date and that it should make every effort to ensure that development in the Avoca catchment area in the future is linked to the possibility of reopening the station. I believe very strongly that the council could, as the planning authority, operate to bring together development interests and the CIE group to good effect in this case.'"

KSW 03-11-2007 11:25

Avoca Statin but is there a demand for this area, Will people be commuting to the Capital every weekday(Mon-Fri). Avoca is that either at the Golf Course or at Ballykissangel.

Colm Donoghue 07-11-2007 22:59

avoca's population is 724 up from 564 in 2002

Ardrahan's pop. is up to 480 from 375 and
Craughwell's pop. is 1363 from 1169

Avoca's 7km from Arklow and about the same from Aughrim and about 11 km from Rathdrum. Rathdrum's about the same distance from Aughrim, so there's no real chance to "pool catchments"

Avoca station house was sold and is privately owned now.
CIE tours regularly do tours by bus to Avoca, so there'd be an amount of "passing trade" but 'twould need to be researched.

Avoca is served by Bus Eireann from Dublin, but unlike Arklow the bus takes longer than the train... Dunno if you could get to Dublin and back the same day though.

Woodenbridge golf club is nearer Arklow.
There was a station here back in the day when people could give speeches about fighting for the freedom of the little nations/taking a nice break in eastern France/all that stuff they'll be talking about just after 11 on Sunday
There used be a line from Woodenbridge to Tinahealy...

packetswitch 08-11-2007 09:42

Steam trains stop there to take on water. Dunno what the ownership is there...

Mark Gleeson 08-11-2007 10:00

Put simply its not a runner, unless there is serious development to massively increase the population

I very much doubt you will see a big housing estate pop up in Avoca of all places

It would be irresponsible to encourage long distance commuting

Dublin/Rosslare 15-11-2007 22:16

Wow KeithStephen you've been busy with those times, I like where your coming from. Why dont you subit to Iarnrod Eireann's planning department. By any chance do you like the Rail Networ?

KSW 15-11-2007 23:19

Yes I do like the rail network hopefully one day I will be working with them, I conplain but thats the passenger side of me not the loyal side. I have subitted a copy of a timetable to them and they have forwared a copy onto their planning department. I know 2 train drivers who live in Gorey and they said that it takes time getting into Iarnrod Eireann. A guy was working with Iarnrod Eireann for 1 year and he appiled for a DART driver and he is now driving the DART.

Edward Ryan 15-11-2007 23:26

Would you like to be a driver or work in a station?

Edward Ryan 15-11-2007 23:37

Keep at it and hopefully you will be driving the new intercity trains to Gorey.


dowlingm 16-11-2007 17:54

It would be better if development had been restricted in that corridor and a new alignment run from Rathnew to Arklow along the N11. Instead the winding of the existing alignment is contributing to sprawl in sensitive areas with the old "if we loaded cattle here we'll load people here" being transferred from the WRC to the Rosslare line.

Ho hum!

KSW 16-11-2007 21:33

Totally agree with you 100%......The N11 so much better probably more passengers than Rathdrum.................

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