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Thomas Ralph 19-12-2007 22:08

Railcars in the morning
Why are there so many railcar services sent out to Bray in the morning? They seem to be taking away from possible DART services and/or causing the level crossings to be blocked a lot.

KSW 19-12-2007 23:05

Services from Longford/Maynooth/Dundalk/Drogheda tend to terminate in Bray because of avaibable space there. The Bray/Drogheda service departs Bray at 09:20 this could be the 06:35 ex Dundalk or the 07:18 ex Drogheda. This pattern goes right through the day, Passengers from these destinations tend to travel behond Pearse Station to Dun Laoghaire and Bray, The City Center gets busy with trains from those destinations and therefore has no choice but to travel onwards where there is space.
Mark Glesson will have the answer:)

James Shields 19-12-2007 23:42

Once you've cleared a path to Pearse, you have have to do something with it, so you either have to park it there, or send it further south. There's only room to park two or three sets south of Pearse, so it makes sense to send them on to Brey. By limiting the number of stops, a DMU can match pace with a stopping DART, so they're not really slowing things down. The only way you could fit more DARTs through is by terminating some DMUs in Connolly (which some already do), and there's not much room to park them there either.

dowlingm 20-12-2007 15:19

Is there anywhere south of Pearse but north of Bray which could accommodate some extra trackage for this purpose? I know most of the Dublin 4 tracks are barely wide enough for two, but maybe there's somewhere that the city hasn't completely built right up to trackside?

Mark Gleeson 20-12-2007 15:29

If a train operates over the loop line it can continue to Bray with no impact on other services

In the past one of the greatest hold ups in Pearse was every train from Drogheda and Maynooth waiting to cross over to the sidings in the face of northbound services

KSW 15-01-2008 22:47

How about Railcars in the evening
There are railcars in the early mornings but there are no railcar commuter services in the evening why is this?

I would like a service serving all stations to Gorey at 20:30 from Connolly Station at night. My question I want to put out there is Would all Gorey route passengers use it aswell as me at this time of night?

My friend usually takes the bus from Dublin at 9pm down to Gorey and it always seems to be full especially on a Friday. It occured to me what about the train services, It seems IE want to get the last train out of Dublin before 7pm and no later with the expection of the Cork/Dublin Route. But yet there are services from towns at 20:25 to the City Centre which are empty is there a point to this? I know there is the account that trains need to go back to Dublin for servicing but there are trains that go to(i.e)Longford and stay the night. Are these 29000 Commuters not able to take a night without servicing.

Edward Ryan 16-01-2008 11:20

KSW. The main reason that your last train still leaves the city around 1830 is staffing issues. The signal cabins on the route operate on 2 shifts and are open from 0430 till 2130. A train leaving town around 2030 would only reach Wicklow around the time the signal cabin is due to close.

Regarding trains staying over night in Longford. There is a driver depot based there. All Gorey/Enniscorty commuter trains are crewed by Connolly drivers which is the reason they return to Connolly at night.

packetswitch 16-01-2008 13:12

The only reason that we can't get a train out of Dublin to Co. Wicklow is a shift pattern? I thought shift patterns served the needs of transport policy rather than the other way around?

Does the upgrade of signalling on the line have a positive impact on this?

Mark Gleeson 16-01-2008 13:16

New signaling will do away with the opening hours issue

One of the key issues is having somewhere secure to park the train over night

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