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21-07-2009 14:59

Gorey - Dublin

New here so bare with me if I am repeating anything.

We are planning on moving down south of Gorey and wondered if commuting to Dublin on a daily basis would work for us.

Can anyone tell me or give me a link that would let me know what times are available for commuter trains from Gorey to Dublin and back?

Thank you.

Mark Gleeson 21-07-2009 15:10


Would highly recommend you choose to live nearer Dublin, no further south than Greystones which has a decent large free car park and a reasonably frequent service to Dublin

Services on the Gorey line are sparse, slow and monthly tickets are overpriced. Last train out of Dublin is 18:35 currently, might be 19:15 as of October

21-07-2009 15:18

Thank you for getting back with me so quickly.

So would it be easier do you think to drive from Gorey to Dublin, with the new roads? Would you know at all what time a drive it would be vs a train commute?

DangerM 21-07-2009 15:59

Depends on how strong your reasons are and if you're willing to face the travel each day. I travel from rathdrum daily and it's possible but the train times are very restricted. Wouldn't go further south myself, even to arklow is another 20 mins added on.

ThomasJ 21-07-2009 16:03

If you do you have the Rosslare bus eireann service as well. It operates 24 hours a day! Its still a bit of a trek though and from talking to people loosing that sort of time and money travelling doesn't help!

21-07-2009 16:15

Wow....all very confusing lol.....as people are telling me that to drive from Ferns or Gorey is only like 3/4 hour with the new roads. Then I thought it would even be less on the train but that seems like a nightmare all onto itself.

Colm Moore 21-07-2009 16:35


Originally Posted by coco (Post 47285)
people are telling me that to drive from Ferns or Gorey is only like 3/4 hour with the new roads.

Perhaps as far as Bray, but not the city centre.

http://www.viamichelin.com/viamichel...ryFuelT ype=0

Gorey City Centre

9.61 EUR
Toll 0.00 EUR | Petrol 9.61 EUR | Road tax EUR
01h18 which 00h02 on motorways
87 km which 3.5 km on motorways
Add for congestion.

Add wear and tear, depreciation, time lost with the car.

21-07-2009 16:54

Thank you so much.

So driving from Gorey, looking at 1 hour 20 approx give or take ....

DangerM 21-07-2009 16:56

No way is it only 3/4 of an hour from gorey, plus you've got parking costs and the risk of driving itself, least on the train or bus you can snooze if you're wrecked!

MOH 23-07-2009 16:42

Depends where you are working, I know a few people who travel Gorey-Blackrock daily in 40-50 mins

ACustomer 24-07-2009 10:31

MOH: Gorey-Blackrock is 80kms: The AA journey planner indicates 1 h 16 mins. Anyone doing it in 40 minutes must be breaking the speed limits by a wide margin, and even 50 minutes implies an average speed of about 100 kph, which is effectively the maximum allowed. And all this at peak hours?

poolergirl 24-07-2009 15:05

I live a good bit south of Gorey and I travel by train 4 days a week (driving to station) and drive one day a week.

Driving to south city centre approx. 1 1/2 hours each way, if I leave home at 5.30-6 a.m., and leave Dublin before 4. Leaving later either way gets you into serious traffic and increases the time.

Train 1 hr 40 mins each way plus drive time to station.

Wouldn't recommend it to everyone but I find it ok, not a huge difference for me from when I lived in outskirts of Dublin as I had to travel across the city. There are quite a few people making the trek from Gorey on the train.

Driving is more tiring but nice to get home earlier one day a week.

Goreybycar 12-01-2010 12:41

So Coco, what did you do in the end? I normally drive from Gorey to south city centre for the last 2 years. Have been getting the train since before Christmas due to weather but I am considering sticking with the train. Leaving Gorey at 6am would have me in for 7.15am - 7.20am driving. Leaving Dublin at 15.55 would have in Gorey by 17.25. The train with a sleep or a movie on a portable device are becoming increasingly attractive.

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