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ThomasJ 11-08-2008 11:39

[11/12-8-2008] potential for more disruption from flooding
What time did this happen at? Before 8.30, IE were saying that Enterprise services were severely disrupted but there was no mention of Bus Transfers?

There is a severe weather warning in place by the way for the next 24 hours or so, hopefully wont be as bad:


Weather Warning

Issued at 11 August 2008 - 06:00

Risk of between 25 and 50 mm of rain in places in the period 0600 11/8/08 to 0600 12/8/08.
Rain heaviest in the western half of the country today and in Munster, Leinster and Ulster tonight.

Valid from 0600 11/8/08 to 0600 12/8/08

Mark Gleeson 11-08-2008 12:33

Be warned hide tide tonight is about 19:30 so if it starts to pour during the evening rush things could get seriously wet.

ThomasJ 11-08-2008 12:45

So Blackrock, booterstown, sandycove etc is at risk? I remember Blackrock one night with high tide and torrential rain and waves were crashing onto the track. One of the slowest DART journies i've ever been on!

Mark Gleeson 11-08-2008 12:47

Been through there no sight of rails more like a canal

The tide will be higher tonight than on Saturday

ThomasJ 11-08-2008 13:01

I know we dont normally do weather forecasts but its good to be forewarned! I have a sister who was stuck in her car for 2 hours for a normal 15 minute journey due to flooding. And i don't trust the Royal canal either!

Which is better scenic rail jouney view or barrier/wall to stop this flooding happening again?



11 August 2008- updated at 13:00

Bright or short sunny spells and scattered showers, a few heavy and possibly thundery. Mild and breezy.


Persistent and heavy rain spreading from the south later today and tonight. Thundery in places. Risk of localised flooding.

Grass Pollen Count

More Information

Solar UV Index

Medium to high in any sunshine
UV Index


Bright spells and scattered outbreaks of showery rain, some heavy with an on-going risk of thunder and localised flooding.
Sure look at Leixlip Confey, one platform is subsiding, practically in the river!

Mark Hennessy 11-08-2008 13:05

Feck, i'll be on the 9:55 from Pearse.

If its running.

ThomasJ 11-08-2008 20:29


Originally Posted by Mark Hennessy (Post 35317)
Feck, i'll be on the 9:55 from Pearse.

If its running.

Folks its rough out there again tonight so take care if you are out there.

I will be on the 21:55 as well hope all goes to plan

ThomasJ 12-08-2008 15:59

What is with this weather! Its August FFS! There are numerous reports of flooding in or around dublin! Wonder will it hold out railwise tonight!

I need a holiday! :mad:

Thomas Ralph 12-08-2008 18:00

FFS, eh? That's the Swiss rail company :)

I was there last month and it was great, except that Swiss trains (and all other continental trains I've ever been on except the ICE) have no proper baggage storage.

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