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DangerM 21-07-2009 16:05

16:40 Gorey Service - Delayed
Train is currently delayed due to technical difficulties, stuck at Connolly I believe. Anyone any idea what's happening? No details as usual not even an estimated time

karlr42 21-07-2009 16:11

I saw a 6-car 22000 set stuck north of the platforms at Connolly as I was passing through at 1645- seemed to be a lot of staff on board, though it may have been the stock for the 1705 Sligo(it's usual platform 4 was empty). I imagine it is being split into two three car sets, one to Sligo and one to Gorey, seeing as the only railcars around Connolly were it and a 8-piece 29000 stuck on the wash road waiting to form the 1715 Longford.

ThomasJ 21-07-2009 16:17

On the Lansdowne Road intercity arrivals board (yes thats what i said :D )

Was expected there at 17:15

DangerM 21-07-2009 16:27

Thanks all, we're on the move, going through dun laoghaire now.

ThomasJ 22-07-2009 14:37

Any idea what the problem was?

did the usual set run?

DangerM 23-07-2009 08:26

They never advised on the train anyway, it was 10 mins late getting into Rathdrum yesterday. Not too sure why as it was on time at Tara St.

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