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Mickey H 03-12-2019 15:02

How much of this is genuine new money?
Given that politicians enjoy announcing the same expenditure more than once in the hope that nobody notices:


ACustomer 03-12-2019 19:58

I think the main point of the announcement is that funds are being committed on a 5-year basis, rather than the usual annual allocation of public money. This should improve the ability to plan things. Note that all that will happen is that a "steady state" will be ensured: this implies few if any big service improvements, for which an expansion of capacity would be necessary. However capacity improvements mentioned for Connolly imply something more than a "steady state. A case of sloppy use of technical terms?

Mark Gleeson 05-12-2019 20:05

This is the second 5 year arrangement.

This really is money only to maintain the network and to address degraded assets. There is no real benefit other that the infrastructure not getting worse.

All other elements are separately funded.

CastaheaneyMan 06-12-2019 15:43

Capacity improvements mentioned for Connolly
"capacity improvements mentioned for Connolly" is a platform 8 and changes to track layout. Per interview with Jim Meade in Sunday independent, November 17th.

Mark Gleeson 10-12-2019 16:43

It is not included in this 5 year program

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