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nlgbbbblth 06-07-2011 19:46

Heuston - Limerick - Ennis

I am travelling from Heuston to Ennis and back this weekend. Ticket booked online.

Friday - I'm on the 15.25 train ex-Heuston that's scheduled to arrive in Limerick at 17.48. The connecting train to Ennis is 18.05.

Sunday - the train leaves Ennis at 9.41 and reaches Limerick at 10.23. The connecting train to Heuston is at 10.35.

If the Friday Heuston - Limerick train runs late I presume I run the risk of missing the 18.05 Limerick - Ennis leg of the journey? It hardly waits for the Dublin train to arrive, does it?

Likewise, going back on Sunday - I've only a 12 minute window to make the Limerick - Dublin part of the journey.

Have never travelled this route before so would appreciate any comment on journey times / reliability etc.

neoncircles 06-07-2011 20:55

They generally always wait for the Ennis train at either end in my experience. (Provided it's not hugely delayed). They usually announce the reciprocating when you're arriving in Limerick to connect.

Mark Gleeson 06-07-2011 21:06

Unless there is a serious delay those connections are completely fine. Generally a connection will wait for about 10 minutes

Bear in mind as you have a reservation if the Ennis - Limerick train misses its connection you can travel on the next train and obtain a 100% refund for that leg.

nlgbbbblth 11-07-2011 20:55

Thanks all.

Went fine until a mile outside Limerick when the train stopped for 15 minutes due to a points failure in the yard. The Ennis train waited.

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