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sublimity 25-08-2008 11:59

GAA Special Trains
I am wondering does anybody know if there is going to be a special train from wexford for the football semi-final this sunday against tyrone?

Also are there specials for the Cork-Kerry replay on sunday? I hear there are going to be disruptions because of bridge renewal work this weekend.

Mark Gleeson 25-08-2008 13:26

There may be an extra train, however last time there was they simply cancelled another service to make it happen

Bridge works Cork route put back to weekend of the 5/6 Sept due to replay.

Mark Gleeson 27-08-2008 11:04


Wexford V Tyrone Football Semi Final
Sunday 31st August
Departing Wexford 09:50 Dublin Connolly 12:15 Sunday 31st August-2008
Returning Dublin Connolly 18:15 Wexford
Just be warned this might come at the price of the afternoon Dublin Rosslare service

ThomasJ 27-08-2008 11:09

Would there not be an incentive to run the rosslare euro/wexford trains affected to and from Drumcondra on Sunday?

Make life easier for folk going to the game!

sublimity 27-08-2008 23:09


Originally Posted by Mark Gleeson (Post 35946)
Just be warned this might come at the price of the afternoon Dublin Rosslare service

I think this special train is going to be operated either by the brand new 22k or a mk3 considering the volume of passengers that will be travelling for the match so there shouldn't be a shortage of the regular trains.

Mark Gleeson 28-08-2008 08:17

Be a 6 coach 2800 set as normal

Passenger demand on the specials out of Wexford has never come close to that you get in Cork or Tipperary

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