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Mark Gleeson 04-09-2006 08:44

To where complaints should be sent
Many moons ago a promise was made that a new office would be provided in Heuston to cope with complaints. So far we are not aware of any effort made by IE to publically inform the passengers of its existence let alone give us an address to write to

After some research we found the address

Customer Relations
Southern and Western
Heuston Station
Dublin 8

01 703 4499

The only reason we know this is since it was on the letterhead of a complaint that was answered its not online and I haven't seen it in Heuston

There is now a new customer charter refund form, specifically for services from Heuston

James_Lawless 16-11-2007 14:43

Where complaints should be sent
Sorry sticky was closed so had to make a new thread -

The complaints department aka "IE Customer Relations Southern and Western" also has an email address:




Mark Gleeson 16-11-2007 14:51

I have a different email for that office

Note, it is IE policy not to reply to emails or even acknowledge their receipt, old fashioned post is the only way to ensure the customer charter rules are applied to your complaint

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