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There is an election coming

Dublin Belfast is underserved it should have double if not triple the current demand, but due to the long dragged out peace process and now Brexit the uncertainty is killing it. You could justify electrification but only in conjunction with commuter services.

Dublin Cork does well but bear in mind some sections of the line see only a train an hour in each direction (Limerick Junc - Mallow)

Neither route has air competition so the end to end time is not critical, you could start with

1. Tunnel from Killester to Airport to Rush And Lusk (shared with all trains from Drogheda/Dundalk)
2. Enhancements to 200-225kph + selective 4 track/dynamic loops around stations
3. Diversion around Armagh to address the long standing routing of the Dublin Belfast route
4. Some 4 tracking into Belfast
5. Cut stops down to bare minimum Connolly, Airport, Dundalk, Newry, Belfast
6. 75 minute end to end.

Dublin Cork, if you could deal with the Curragh and Portarlington 200-225kph would be possible across almost the entire route, no need for a new line as there is little traffic on the current. Add in electrification and you would see a serious speed up

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