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Originally Posted by Keith/Gorey View Post
ITS NO WONDER 97% Commuter trains arrived on time..
Keith apparantly "On time" is defined by IE as being "up to 10 minutes late".

I must be an incredibly unlucky person, as if only 3% of trains are more than ten minutes late I must be getting far more than my fair share.
But these are IE's incredibly accountable, externally audited figures - who are we to doubt them?

Tell you what - for the next 100 days, I'm going to arrive into work 10 minutes late for 97 of those days. On the other three days, I'll either be several hours late, or not show up at all.
When my boss demands an explanation, I'll offer up something about "operational difficulties" or "signal failures", making sure I mutter my words sufficiently to make them totally incomprehensible.

If it's good enough for IE, it's good enough for me.

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