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Default avoca

avoca's population is 724 up from 564 in 2002

Ardrahan's pop. is up to 480 from 375 and
Craughwell's pop. is 1363 from 1169

Avoca's 7km from Arklow and about the same from Aughrim and about 11 km from Rathdrum. Rathdrum's about the same distance from Aughrim, so there's no real chance to "pool catchments"

Avoca station house was sold and is privately owned now.
CIE tours regularly do tours by bus to Avoca, so there'd be an amount of "passing trade" but 'twould need to be researched.

Avoca is served by Bus Eireann from Dublin, but unlike Arklow the bus takes longer than the train... Dunno if you could get to Dublin and back the same day though.

Woodenbridge golf club is nearer Arklow.
There was a station here back in the day when people could give speeches about fighting for the freedom of the little nations/taking a nice break in eastern France/all that stuff they'll be talking about just after 11 on Sunday
There used be a line from Woodenbridge to Tinahealy...
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