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Default TaxSaver 2019/20

Looks like these have been updated and simplified:
  • 1300 Luas Only
  • 1450 DART / Commuter Rail or Dublin Bus Only (Same or 50 increase on 2018/19)
  • 1800 Any combination of 2 of 3 of the above (Same or 100 increase on 2018/19 depending on choice)
  • 1950 All 3 modes (Reduction of 100 on 2018/19)

The gap between 1 mode and 3 mode seems to be narrowing each year. I thought I'd test out a 3-mode Taxsaver ticket this last year, and it just gives me such an increased choice of getting to and from work.

I suspect Luas journeys are significantly under-recorded - not just by fare-dodgers but also Taxsaver holders who don't need to log off to obtain a fare refund. I always touch on for Bus journeys and on/off for Dart but have given up on most Luas journeys due to queues at busy stops.
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