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Actually lads Ennis to Dublin via Athenry is shorter and potentially faster than Ennis to Dublin (via Limerick).

The speed Limit between Ennis and Athenry is 80 mph, Ennis to Limerick is 50 mph, Limerick/ Limerick Junction is 70 mph. Main advantage of running via Limeick is the additional 65 miles approx of double track between Portarlington and Limerick Junction and the somewhat greater proportion of90/100 mph track between Limerick Junction and Portarlington compared to Athenry/Portarlington.

Instead of a 0900 from Ennis (via Limerick) due Heuston 1145 as currently scheduled, this train could instead operate ss follows

0915 from Ennis, Gort 0938, Athenry 1003, Athlone 1035, Heuston 1150.

Running via Athenry would involve re-timing the 0830 from Galway to 0850 - a better option than cancelling the 0900 Limerick to Galway between Limerick and Ennis as is planned for August 18th.

Still Irish Rail and the knowledgeable posters above know better !
The WRC limit is 65 or 70 at the highest, mostly goes at 45-50mph and if it had a limit of 80mph then nobody would be complaining how slow it is. Not one part has speed of 80mph.

A little surprised at 70 on Limerick to the Junction would of expected 80mph.
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