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Posted by Jamie 2k9:

An interesting point. People in IE probably know a thing or two about what is likely to work. In that case where did the idea of the 185s come from? Somewhere in the NTA, the DOT, TII? i.e from people who by all appearances don't have much of a clue.

This is more serious than it might seem at first sight. The 185 caper probably held up the decision to go ahead with the 41 ROTEM intermediate cars, and in doing so may have caused the price to increase from 100m to 150m.

A brilliant example of The Circus clowns at work?
Looking at UK stock coming out of service the 185s are the only DMU option anyway suitable. The rest are either way to old, small or not a DMU.

Not sure how much of a factor in holding up the 22s but they have wasted a lot of time and doesn't inspire much confidence in how they will handle the 600 Bi-mode order...
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