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Default How do people who need the lifts manage ?

Agreed - this is getting crazy.

If I needed to use the lifts (wheelchair, bad legs, buggy, etc . . .) the level of unavailability would make it somewhat of a gamble whether I would be able to complete my journey or not on any given day. Where's the fun being stuck on the wrong side of somewhere like Booterstown with a broken lift, the next train is 15 minutes away and is going to a station you don't want to be at anyway ? Maybe I'll get on to some of the freesheets and see if they can shame IE into getting their act together.

On a slightly lighter note - anyone for a game of broken lift bingo ? We could get assigned 5 or 6 stations (with lifts) across the network and the first to spot all their stations listed on the displays gets a prize . . .

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