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Originally Posted by sublimity View Post
It will probably be packed to the rafters by the time it leaves Pearse. Don't forget its coming from Maynooth!
most of the Maynooth passengers currently disembark at Connolly.

The existing train is a 4-coach 29000 (was a 6-coach before the Malahide incident) and while it is standing-only leaving Pearse, its not "packed to the rafters" in the way the Northern Line trains are.

My point is that at least half the people on this train are going to Bray and Greystones and most of these passengers will switch to the Greystones dart 5 minutes earlier which will be packed to the rafters as a result and will be made worse by Sth Wicklow and Wexford commuters getting on at GCD and (in particular) Lansdowne.
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