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Angry Train Cancellation

I shouldn't really be surprised. It's not like they've won awards for reliability and customer satisfaction. But yesterday, after moving home to help increase the funds for the purchase of a house, I travelled from Connolly to Wicklow on the monday night commute for the first time in five years.

At the first attempt the failed. I went to get the 16:40 train from Connolly. Low and Behold, cancelled. Driver 'called in sick' as they told me. Contingency plans not high up on IE agenda then.

Let's try again then, went for the 17:25. Again, they done them selves justice. Didn't arrive into Wicklow until 18:55, 20 minutes late.

So, after finishing work at 4pm, by entrusting IE with my transport, I didn't get into Wicklow Town until 7pm.

I knew I would get frustrated at the level of service at some point on this line (like I used to when I got it before) I just didn't think it'd be y first day getting it...

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