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The rail elements of this plan appear to be very badly thought out.

Electrifying to Hazlehatch was always supposed to be part of Dart Underground. Electrifying it as part of a Phoenix Park Tunnel route would seem to be a very high expense for a relatively low frequency route (making it a high frequency route involves huge problems between Connolly and GC Dock, as well as at Islandbridge Junction).

I know that the Green line South of Beechwood was engineered to make it convertible to heaver Metro-type trains. However I suspect that the announcement of Sandyford as a Metro destination might have something to do with votes for Shane Ross. I suspect that having failed to get Stepaside Garda station opened he is trying for a Metro.

There is a terrible vagueness about the exact sequencing of suburban electrification, and nothing at all about Intercity electrification, which is going to be an issue if the transport sector is to really contribute to CO2 emission reduction.

Also why focus on Cork-Limerick motorway and other schemes while nothing really big or strategic about enhancing access to the ports which will be hugely more important post-Brexit, with much greater need for direct links to mainland Europe, bypassing the likely chaos at Dover and other UK ports.

Overall one's worst fears about the quality of the Department of Transport are confirmed. As for the current minister, I had better restrain myself!
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