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While I have no belief that the Light Rail in Cork will actually happen, I've seen some suggestions that the Cobh and Midleton lines could be converted to a Light Rail solution, which would then run through Cork City Centre and out to destinations on the western side of the city.

What are people's thoughts on this?

How much slower would the journey be from Cobh/Midleton? And would a link in to the the City Centre, UCC etc. help make up for it? I understand the top speed of a tram (70km/h) is a lot less than a 2600 (110km/h), but how much time do they spend at top speed and to what extent does the improved acceleration of a tram mean that it wouldn't matter?

Presumably if those lines were converted over it would mean Cork would end up with a 1,600mm gauge. Would that make rolling stock more expensive? And would there be any disadvantages to being on a different gauge from Dublin?
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