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Originally Posted by James Shields View Post
I think there's no doubt the Indo has a long running anti-rail/anti-public transport stance, which certainly colours their view of projects like this.

I do also think we've had a bit of an anti-Metro stance on this board. Some of that is justified, as if you have to make a choice between Metro and DART Underground, DART Underground clearly delivers more for the city, and enables so many other things.

However, if you compare them purely in terms of providing an Airport link, Metro will deliver a better, faster and more frequent service. It would, however, be vastly improved if it interconnected with DART Underground.

The Ireland 2040 delivers less in a far grater timeframe than the previous abandoned plan, which would have given us both Metro and DART Underground.
if metro integrates with D-U, fine - although with D-U if you turn ther Howth branch into a shuttle you have capacity to put a DART spur into the airport.

However, we have now seen metro for what it really is - and also the way the gov thinks about these things. Metro's sole purpose is to drive house building at both ends of the route. For that the money is given. D-U isnt aimed at building houses, its aimed at releving congestion (and it has an indirect house building knock on of course) but that isnt the prime aim and so it wasnt built.

That predicted capacity of 70m trams every 3 mins better be true. This thing is going to be the driver of massive residential development from the Swords area all the way down through Ballymun and then out from Sandyford and beyond. Not to mention handling probably the vast majority of the airport traffic.
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