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Originally Posted by James Shields View Post
It gets worse...

From Irish Times, "Dublin Metro may require homes to be demolished":

So this means Charlemont to Sandyford will be Metro only, there will be two disconnected Green lines, and to travel from Cherrywood to Broobbridge would require two changes?

Does anyone here think any of this is a good idea?
Its not a bad idea in principle, the reality is that the luas has not got capacity for its catchment. This might?

Better in the short term to provide BRT orbitals to the rail lines and increase frequency on the dart service and maybe two north south BRT routes to.

This all hinges on a linked up Train service which brings us back to the underground link.

The two seperate green lines could be rationalised, by connecting to Shankill Dart from brides glen and to suir road from harcourt (south circular road)

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