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Thumbs down Dublin-Limerick Website Prices

Since the middle last year, I have been buying online a Limerick-Dublin ticket for the 5:30, now 5:40, train Limerick-Dublin. I do this on a Friday evening or Saturday morning. On each occasion, the price is 14.99, plus card charge.

However, this weekend, i.e. yesterday evening and this morning, the price is 24.99, plus card charge. That is a whopping massive price increase of 66% !!!


Either the website price is wrong, or IRISHRAIL has instigated a 66% price rise. Either way, it is a RIP-OFF and leaves a very nasty taste in the mouth and bank account.

If the website is wrong, I would like to know how to get my 10 euro back. After all, that is the price of my Dublin-Limerick ticket on the M7 coach.

If this is indeed a price hike of 66%, we should spread the word loudly far and wide of the kind of underhand activities these people get up to and object strongly.
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