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Default Mega delays due to mk4 failure


"The 1700 from Heuston failed somewhere between Knocklong and Charleville (reportedly close to Charleville). It was initially intended to bring the 1705 Heuston to Tralee (an ICR) back to Limerick Junction to allow the 1800 Heuston to Cork come up behind and push the failure into Charleville. Around 2000 a relief engine was dispatched from Cork arriving at the failed train around 2100. It proved impossible to move the failed train with the original train engine attached and so this was removed and brought forward (to Charleville ?). The rescue engine then returned to the stranded carriages arriving in Charleville at 2317. Cork was reached at 2356, followed by the 1800, 1900 and 2100 which arrived in Cork at 0016, 0023 and 0036 respectively.

The 1705 Tralee and the connection off the 1900 from Heuston arrived in Tralee, one block apart sometime after 0100.

Something of the order of 1500 passengers were stranded by this incident, the majority at remote locations, with the 2100 being held as far back as Thurles."
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