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Originally Posted by comcor View Post
Quite remarkably, the new platform, which was supposed to make things at Limerick Junction smoother, and consequent timetable changes have actually disimproved the service between Limerick/Dublin and Cork.

The 09:05 from Limerick has now become the 08:55, with the same arrival time of 10:30 in Cork (longer wait time in Limerick Junction and the 08:00 ex-Dublin now takes 60 mins to get from Limerick Junction to Cork instead of 57 mins). Not as bad, but the 16:50 has added a minute (the 16:00 ex Dublin is now scheduled for 61 mins between Limerick Junction and Cork, where it was 57 mins).
Thats just careless scheduling, 08.00 now departs at 09.31 instead of 09.33. So regular 08.55 Limerick-Heuston calls at 09.21 followed by 09.05 calling at 09.31.

Can they just advance 09.05 to 09.00?

It all comes back to them continually adjusting the core Heuston schedule instead of sorting out the growing list of problems.
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