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From Monday (18th)

06.20 Galway-Limerick advanced to 06.15.
06.30 Galway-Heuston advanced to 06.25 and will now serve Kildare at 08.12.

The Galway route serving Kildare is to ease pressure on the 05.20 from Westport given the capacity issues.

So when will Cork take it's fair share of traffic considering the rolling stock used isn't a IV and general capacity issues, both the 06.30 ex Galway and 07.05 ex Waterford have had stops added and journeys extended in recebt years.

The 05.50 passes Kildare before the 05.20 ex Westport and the 06.15 straight after and this service is usually cautioned behind the 05.20 until after it stops at Newbridge.

The 05.50 should be scheduled to stop or the 06.15 at Kildare. Both services have plenty of capacity and benefit passengers even more. The 05.50 could even serve Newbridge and drop it from 05.20 ex Westport and give this and the non-stop ex Cork a clear run and arrive on time!
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