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Originally Posted by ThomasJ View Post
That 23:40hrs Drumcondra Longford seems to be an all stops service
It is however I can't tell if it's to benefit passengers or a convenience to IE. A similar service was added maybe no less than 24 hours before the Script played (at most 48 hours). I don't think there was an up service earlier that day. Anyway the service either got good usage despite the short notice and lead to this service or this is just IE running it at this hour to save running an additional out and back empty to Maynooth service or it could be a driver thing either. Note they have not bothered to advertise like they do with Cork/Limerick/Galway etc

If they were serious about the service online bookings would be available, the 2900 excuse ship has sailed a long time ago. I also assume all auto crossings West of Maynooth to Longford?

The only positive change to night services after events is they have added Portlaoise, they use the same old chestnut on most routes. They approach late night services completely wrong which is why there is so few.

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