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This is a shambles. If there is a requirement to wear masks, it should be enforced. We are getting a lot of scare-mongering about the danger of foreign travel, when we cannot enforce even rudimentary rules for domestic travel. Looking at enforcement of rules in continental Europe it seems to be much more rigorous.
I caught the Dart yesterday evening - my first trip since lockdown. I wasn't intending to catch the train, but was caught out, and so didn't have a mask with me, so tucked my lower face into my fleece to at least show intention. There were about 3 of us in the carriage, so social distancing was easy, and with ventilation occuring each time the door was opened, and windows to open too, everything that we've been hearing suggested to me that this was pretty low risk. Of course, it would be a different story travelling on a packed pre-Covid peak-hour train, and I would definitely plan to wear a mask.

I was impressed with the cleanliness of the trains - the entire carriage looked like it had been treated to a thorough deep clean - even the handrails sparkled like new.

Of the few that were travelling, most were in their teens, and several did not tag in and out of the stations. As far as I understand, it's mandatory to pay your fare, so it would seem a bit odd to ensure compliance of mask-wearing in a near-empty carriage but not fare paying.
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