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Default Ferry Shuttle Bus (Dublin) & earlier sailing ex Rosslare

The Ferrylink bus (Morton's) has been replaced with a service operated by Nolan's on behalf of the ferry operators to/from Connolly (the inbound extension to Heuston as operated by Morton's has been dropped though from my journeys I observed there would nearly always be several fellow passengers going through to Heuston).

The first bus ex Connolly at 06.45 (for 08.05 Ulysses & 08.15 Stena) is a tad early and misses the vast majority of inbound buses and trains (Ferrylink didn't depart Westmoreland Street till 07.15 and this half an hour makes a critical distance for those who have to make a public transport journey into the city)

Tickets must be purchased from the ferry operators and cannot be purchased onboard the bus. In the case of Stena Line ex Dublin journeys they can be bought over the phone (3 add-on) when purchasing a SailRail (just have your booking reference/confirmation e-mail for the bus) and inbound to Dublin can be purchased from guest services onboard ship for 3.


Meanwhile at Rosslare the morning sailing to Fishguard has been advanced to 07.30 (previously 08.00) which means there is no public transport whatsoever reaching Europort in time for last check-in at 07.00.

In yet another passenger unfriendly move the walkway from the terminal to ship has been truncated resulting in the more cumbersome and often more time-consuming embarkation/disembarkation process via shuttle buses (open air collection of luggage and boarding buses)

PS:Hope everyone is doing ok.

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