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Default Heuston - Limerick - Ennis


I am travelling from Heuston to Ennis and back this weekend. Ticket booked online.

Friday - I'm on the 15.25 train ex-Heuston that's scheduled to arrive in Limerick at 17.48. The connecting train to Ennis is 18.05.

Sunday - the train leaves Ennis at 9.41 and reaches Limerick at 10.23. The connecting train to Heuston is at 10.35.

If the Friday Heuston - Limerick train runs late I presume I run the risk of missing the 18.05 Limerick - Ennis leg of the journey? It hardly waits for the Dublin train to arrive, does it?

Likewise, going back on Sunday - I've only a 12 minute window to make the Limerick - Dublin part of the journey.

Have never travelled this route before so would appreciate any comment on journey times / reliability etc.
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