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Default Absence of shelter at Kilcoole

In recent weeks I travelled from Dublin to Kilcoole one Saturday to visit someone (using a single ticket and the evening Rosslare train as that's the only southbound service stopping there on Saturdays and there's nothing back on Sundays). I was one of three passengers alighting from the train (didn't know the other two passengers).

The person I was visiting collected me by car but was delayed in Kilcoole village en route to the station. I had a wait of ten to fifteen minutes. This didn't bother me but it was a very showery evening and it is pure luck I wasn't caught in a torrential downpour.

Point of this account - had the heavens opened there was absolutely nowhere that I could have taken shelter.

There's a portacabin type room between the platform ramp and the station gate (entrance/exit) - whether this is just for staff who may be working on the line from time to time/for stores or supplies or whether it is sometimes open to rail passengers I don't know. It wasn't open anyway.

Now the car park and platform surface at the station are perfectly ok and I understand from the IÉ website that a ticket vending machine (and presumably a Leap Card pole) will be available around the middle of this month. All very good but surely a shelter of some description (doesn't matter what it looks like) can be provided to make the passenger experience of using the station meet basic satisfaction/needs levels?
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