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Default Irish Rail will not run an extra Wicklow/Wexford train


Irish Rail will not run an extra Wicklow/Wexford train at rush hour, according to its response to a request by the council.

The company's chief executive Jim Meade wrote to Wicklow County Council about the matter, according to Cllr Derek Mitchell in Greystones

'The N11 is jammed and the rail line virtually empty because of the poor service,' said Cllr Mitchell.
These would leave Greystones at either 7.22 a.m. or 8.22 a.m.

This would effectively double the capacity of the rail line from Kilcoole south but has now been refused. 'I think the real reason they refused is they want to give priority to County Dublin services over County Wicklow which they see as a nuisance
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Money or no money for additional services it is increasingly apparent that there is an overwhelming antipathy towards this line and others amongst the powers that be.
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