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Money or no money for additional services it is increasingly apparent that there is an overwhelming antipathy towards this line and others amongst the powers that be.
While service levels are not great off peak, peak service is comparable with most of the network (South of Graystones). Commuter towns on Sligo and Waterford have up to 4 service by 10.00, Rosslare has 3 and if you were to add a service to fit in with other route schedules it would be departing at 06.00 and it wouldn't exactly be useful.

What most people forget is an extra service also requires a return service at a minimum and its costly.

Surly IE could squeeze in an extra DART from Graystones at peak hours is is the single track at capacity?

Its also very hard to buy the councils argument, if they did more research and provided evidence an extra service would free up the N11 they may have a case.
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